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New Year, New You?

The New Year often ushers us toward planning significant lifestyle improvements, setting goals and even ditching unwanted health habits accumulated over the last 12 months. Realistically, we can do this any time of year, but if you’re in the mood for change right now and the aftermath of holiday indulgence has inspired you then it’s a good time to go for it!

Don’t know where to start?

GET CHECKED UP - Schedule your routine health checkups for 2020 if you haven’t already – Dentist, Eye Test, Skin Examination etc.

SNOOZE THE BOOZE – Try an extended alcohol-free period like Dry Feb. It’s not for everyone and if a whole month doesn’t suit, commit to a shorter period of time. Your liver will appreciate it.

PREMIUM H20 - Get a good quality water filter for the household. This is a must-have health essential to prevent unrequired mineral and chemical exposure.

HEALTH PRIORITIES – What would you like to improve in 2020? Sleep? Remove Pain? Improve Strength? Healthier Eating? Stop Smoking?

Your overall goal should become achievable short-term steps.

Purple Tree Therapies is a Naturopathic Consulting Service focusing on dietary habits, lifestyle and can assist with existing health concerns and preventative health.

Get in touch to see if Naturopathy is for you:

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