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Natural Medicine

Naturopathy embodies a range of different therapies but can be summarised as a wholistic way to support a person’s health and help to prevent illness. Purple Tree Therapies uses methods both evidence-based and traditional in origin. Using your medical and family history as well as current health status, your health priorities will be identified. Naturopathy uses various diagnostic tools as well as external laboratory tests to support these choices. Treatment may be subtle dietary and lifestyle changes and supplementation where required. Your preferences and budget are always considered in regards to how you would like to approach your health journey.


Herbal Remedies
Healthy Morning


Using food as medicine

Did you know that food is your medicine? While popular for merely eliminating hunger and providing energy, nutrition as a therapy is often under-rated.
Identifying dietary gaps through both qualitative and quantitative methods, your dietary habits can provide answers for your unanswered health questions. Additionally, addressing health concerns with dietary changes may suit you best.
All Naturopathic consultations include a nutritional assessment, but you may wish to focus primarily on your diet during your consultation. You can also request a deeper analysis of your weekly diet to see where you might be missing nutrients. I can then provide assistance with constructing a realistic and tasty eating plan!


Improve your health naturally

Based on traditional methods and home-remedies of the past, herbal medicine has been improved and perfected through modern research.
Herbs are both a natural alternative and complementary to pharmaceutical medication.  They can be taken as a supplement or as a liquid, combined together they have a synergistic effect to create positive health outcomes.
Are herbs for you? Find out through an intensive Naturopathic consultation.

Natural Herbs


All appointments can be done in person at New Farm or via phone or Zoom


Discovery Session - 15mins

Find out what Naturopathy is about and how it can assist your health needs. 

Obtain a free Zinc tally test which is one of the most important diagnostic tests used in clinic. 


Acute Naturopathic Appointment - 30 mins

No initial Consultation Required

For acute conditions or preventative help.

This would usually be for one or two current concerns and we will find solutions for you.

During this appointment we may find you require a more detailed assessment.


Initial Consultation - 75 mins

Full Medical History review, Current health review, Diagnostic testing and Recommendations, Review of pathology testing, Research  time, Individualized Treatment Plan.


Follow-up Consultation - 60 mins

In depth review of current health status and progress, Relevant Diagnostic testing and recommendations.

This can also be used for a shorter initial consultation if required. 


Follow-up Consultation - 30 mins

A quicker review to monitor health status, Diagnostic testing where applicable and recommendations or review of acute condition (i.e. cold or flu) and recommendations.


Supplementation Review - 30 mins

Not sure if you are taking the correct supplements? Streamline your complementary medicines with a review. Ideal for asking any questions related to what you are taking and your current health concerns. 

2 sessions for $50

Zinc Status Review

A more targeted acute consultation focusing on Zinc status.

This is a specific health review, preparing your for Winter and addressing any other Zinc related conditions.

Includes a Zinc tally test, test referrals and a prescription where required.

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