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Is Spring an Allergic Nightmare? part two

Allergies can be exhausting, annoying and an inconvenience. Taking extra action and eliminating possible allergens can minimise these reactions.

You might consider implementing the following steps to ease discomfort if you are prone to allergies, asthma or chronic stuffy/runny nose:

Dust and animal hair - Get a good vacuum and use it regularly. Add Eucalyptus to your washing to kill dust mites and wash your sheets and towels in HOT water.

Mould Patrol – use clove oil to prevent mold growing in the bathroom without exposing yourself to harsh chemicals. Make sure you clean your fridge and take your bin out regularly to stop mould being in the house and around your food.

Stick to natural fabrics – get cotton or bamboo sheets for your bed.

Natural Products – Body wash, moisturizers, make-up, cleaning products, washing powder and make-up free from synthetic fragrances and cheap additives may lessen exposure to allergens.

Stop Hitting the Histamine - Histamine is a substance in the bloodstream responsible for creating allergic symptoms. Some foods and drinks are high in histamine so if you’re prone to allergies, it is recommended that these be avoided where possible. Wine, beer, cider, fermented foods (unfortunately), tomatoes, eggplant and pickled foods are known for high histamine levels.

Pure over Processed– Lessening ingestion of additives in foods puts less strain on toxin elimination. Go for fresh and home-made as much as possible. Sometimes these foods also contain additives that contribute to the allergic response.

Fierce Air Filtration – Getting an air filter can help to remove dust and unwanted smells from the air. Just some extra help to keep the air allergen-free.

Plants for Purity – Plants to help remove toxins from the air include: Aloe Vera, Peace lilies, mother-in-law plant, spider plants – plus many others.

See part one for other tips and solutions if you are suffering during allergy season.

Always seek immediate medical advice for severe allergic responses that obstruct breathing in any way.

Need more health advice tailored to you? Get in contact:

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