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Winter is Coming

Top Tips for the Winter months

Have a high Fluid Intake (non-caffeinated)

Winter usually means we don't get as thirsty... but a lack of thirst doesn't mean you don't need fluids.

Try herbal tea on cold days to up your water intake.

Eat for the Season

Cold outside? Warm your insides.

It's much easier to incorporate vegetables into your diet during the winter months - Soup, steam, stir-fry or slow-cook.

Try to incorporate as many servings of vegies as you can daily - leafy greens such as kale, broccoli & bok choy help to detoxify any nasties that threaten to make you sick.

Add some garlic, ginger or cayenne pepper to your food for added warmth and an immune boost.

Sleep Well, Live Well

How much sleep are you getting?

Studies show that getting under 8 hours for a long period of time can adversely affect the immune system.

  • Don't go to bed hungry or too full

  • Get your temperature right

  • Do what you can to make your bed comfortable

  • Head to bed around the same time on weeknights

  • Block out as much light as possible

  • Try to switch your brain off - don't encourage any heavy-thinking.

Keep up the exercise

We need to sweat - even in Winter.

A sedentary lifestyle is associated with a weak immune system.

Get some vitamin sunshine

Vitamin D is an immune modulator and a deficiency is associated with poor immune function and increased disease susceptibility. Vitamin D can only be produced in the skin from sun exposure outdoors, not through windows.

Find out your recommended exposure below:

sourced from:

Always set higher standards for your health.

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