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Make Gut Health a Priority

The awareness of gut health as a wellness priority has reached new heights in recent years. Unfortunately, an oversaturation of information has the possibility of causing confusion in the general public and promotes self-medication that may be missing the mark or unsuitable to an individual.

Going back to basics with gut health can strip away an overcomplicated rhetoric that often comes from various media sources and social networks. It’s time to ease into graceful and organic changes to maintain gut health and promote healing.

How to start making your gut an important part of your health journey:

1. Protect your good bacteria and promote optimal gastric function.

  • Choose organic food where possible

  • Use natural cleaning products

  • Drink filtered water

  • Include a diet high in plant fibre & prebiotic foods

  • Regular Exercise including abdominal toning to assist motility and elimination

  • Include stress-relief techniques in your daily routine

  • Take a probiotic supplement where required. (Always see a health practitioner to identify which strain is most suited to your needs).

2. Provide a unsuitable environment for “bad bugs”

What are bad bugs? Dysbiotic bacteria, parasites and yeasts which are found in the digestive tract that can become unbalanced and cause unpleasant physical symptoms. How to prevent them from thriving:

  • Low sugar intake

  • Minimal saturated fat

  • Minimal alcohol intake

  • Include as many homemade meals as possible and fewer processed foods.

3. Avoid “unwelcome” food & beverages

There are 3 types of digestive irritants – Allergens, Intolerant-causing & Aggravators. Where you are allergic, intolerant to or cannot seem to digest certain things, it is always best to avoid them completely. Where an eliminated food is highly nutritious, always find an alternative that suits your digestive system. While we often ignore our body’s signals for the sake of enjoying a food or beverage, over time these irritants can cause significant damage to digestive function.

Always seek help from a heath practitioner when you need more tailored advice for gut health and healing.

Purple Tree Therapies offers pathology testing that can determine the balance of good and bad gut bacteria in your digestive tract. For more information, please get in touch.

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