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Are you supporting your Immune System?

While now is a good time to review your immune health, it is always a good time to implement preventative health protocols: not just during flu season or when there is a known pathogen circulating.

What can you do to help prevent illness?

#1 Up your Nutrients – Go dense or go home.

Consider how your immune system relies on nutrients so it works effectively. The list is pretty long and indicates one of the reasons that a nutrient dense diet is beneficial.

What your immune system needs: Vit A, Vit B2, Vit B5, Vit B6, Vit C, Vit D, Vit E, Choline, Essential Fatty Acids, Iron, Zinc, some Amino Acids (protein). Also essential is adequate water intake and high fibre to feed your good gut bacteria (see #2).

Zinc is also known for its anti-viral actions so ideal as a both a cold and flu prophylactic and treatment. An idea of your current Zinc levels can be tested by your Naturopath to see if supplementation is required (it usually is!).

#2 Gut Health – Microbiome Magic

Your immune system is closely tied to gut health. Probiotics can activate the immune system to work effectively by helping white blood cells that fight infection. As mentioned, your gut bugs love vegetable fibre and hate sugar and alcohol.

There are many different strains of probiotic available with several Lactobacillus strains being the most researched for immune health.

#3 Get the basics under control

Hygiene, Sleep, Exercise.

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Where handwashing facilities are unavailable, use hand sanitizer.

Regular exercise and adequate sleep are both linked to more resilient immune systems.

#4 Limit the Suppressants

Dietary sugar and alcohol intake both inhibit immune system responses. High alcohol consumption is linked to an increased risk of infections with frequent consumption implicated in the death of immune cells. In extreme cases, long term heavy drinking can change how the body builds its basic immunity. Moderation with frequent breaks is key here.

#5 Herbal Prevention

The joy of using herbs is that there are effective anti-viral, anti-bacterial and immune modulating options. Research suggests that where vaccinations are limited in dealing with evolving viral infections, herbs can step up and assist. (The very definition of complementary medicine).

The more steps you partake in, the better the chance you have of staying healthy long term in more ways than just immunity.

For a immune system checkup and personalised health program, book a Naturopathic consultation today:

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