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Is your cycle out of sync?

Period pain (Dysmenorrhea) and heavy flow (menorrhagia) are both very common symptoms for women during menstruation. From a clinical perspective, when your menstrual cycle is unmanageable and gets in the way of everyday life, it is not considered normal.

It is important that any severe symptoms are investigated by a Doctor and any underlying causes ruled out. This can often leave women without options, except simply putting up with their symptoms once a month. Additional issues such an irregular cycle and PMS can also feel inconvenient and disruptive. Many women I speak with about menstruation are unaware that that this could be changed in any way besides turning to pharmaceutical interventions.

This is where Naturopathic treatment can assist. Herbal medicine and nutritional changes are often very effective at balancing hormones and getting cycles back on track.

If you can relate to this, it is helpful to start tracking your cycle and associated symptoms. The information you gather from your observations are important and presenting them to your complementary or alternative practitioner can assist to streamline your treatment.

What we want to know:

· Timing between cycles

· If you get pain – which day/s and how severe

· How the flow changes – is it extra heavy on certain days?

· Any other symptoms – nausea or changes in bowel movements

Additionally, copies of blood tests measuring your Estrogens and Progesterone levels are essential should you have them.

These are all ways to inform the treatment you may need to get things back on track. I recommend checking out apps that track cycles or you can do it the old-fashioned way on a piece of paper so it’s all in the one handy spot. Email me if you’d like a PDF copy of a template and I can send one through. Then it’s easy to scribble on over the course of the month.

Need more health advice that is individually tailored to you? Email if you would like to know more or to book a consultation.

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