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Naturopath Q & A - Is it possible to eat too much fruit?

A: Yes.

The Australian Dietary Guidelines recommend 2 serves of fruit a day for adults and ½ to 2 serves for children depending on their age.

What is a serve?

  • 1 medium piece of fruit i.e. an apple or banana etc.

  • 2 small pieces

  • 1 cup diced fruit or fruit pieces

While fruit is rich is nutritional value, it is my understanding that the standard recommendation has been made to limit consuming excess sugar while allowing that daily sweet treat. Make your 2 pieces count Think about what nutrients are in your chosen fruit and if there are any particular types that might help your health or provide nutrients you may be lacking. Here’s some examples:

How fruit can be used as medicine

Note: always see your doctor about persisting health problems.

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