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Don’t slack off – Winter and Health Maintenance

Cold weather = Being cosy, staying in bed, keeping warm & lots of comfort food. It is also a seemingly good excuse not to keep fit because a) you can cover up with extra clothing and b) claim the extra calories consumed are being used to maintain body heat. This isn’t an uncommon thought process for some folk.

While it is human nature to be excuse aplenty, it is very important to listen to your body when it comes to being motivated to make healthy choices. Do you have a poor appetite? Are your clothes feeling tight? Are you lethargic? Is your digestion sluggish (less than 1 bowel movement per day)? Do you have back pain? Do you bloat or get gassy after meals?

If you say yes! to any of the above, it might be time to make a new lifestyle plan. Below are some tips:

  1. Keep up fitness. Why? · Keeps you warm · Boosts circulation to chilly hands & feet · Fights fatigue caused by cooler weather · Helps digestive health.

  2. What other action to take: · Start now. If you get an urge to exercise, do it now. Don’t put it off until tomorrow or next week. The moment may pass. · Go outside. Soak up that winter sun (if you get any!?) with a long stroll, power walk or jog – let your body heat tell winter where to go. · Want to stay indoors? While watching Netflix: do squats, push-ups, weights, sit-ups, planks etc. Only ½ hour daily will do you a world of good. Resistance exercise such as these are as high a priority as cardio. Do both and you’ll master your fitness goals

  3. Nutritional help: · Warming foods – use spices in your foods - ginger, garlic, cayenne pepper, turmeric · Eat stews, soups, and warmed salads to get your optimal (and very well hidden) vegetable intake. · Vegetables are carbohydrates. Don’t forget that. That’s why we don’t need to eat sugar. · Keep up your protein to help your tired muscles. . Plan you meals. Sometimes bad choices are made due to poor planning. Start thinking ahead. You’ll save money this way too!

Speaking of $$? Being healthy doesn’t have to be expensive. Take that old 1 litre margarita mix in the cupboard & use it as a weight (a much better use for it...). Lift 50 times with each arm. Feel the burn…!

Take those wilting vegetables out of the crisper & throw them into a big pot and make a stew. Be creative and add things you wouldn’t normally think you could add. Think: herbs, spices, limes, ginger, apple cider vinegar, mung beans, bean sprouts, chick peas, tomatoes – Anything goes & the more the better.

Being healthy isn’t an option, it’s a requirement ;)

Thanks for reading.

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